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 Felicidade é um campo minado deamor eódio  /  you're perfect !  /  I am appreciative for my mistakes  /  Kerry Can you carry ?  /  leasing is greaT  /  this time!!  /  i believe in myself  /  Happiness if only a thought away  /  Peace with self is simply divine...  /  atencin y apoyo psicsocial  /  lovely family  /  What we call good is potentially great!!!  /  Storm's come and go but sunshine's eternal!!!  /  Eyes forward see positive progress!!!  /  Tomorrow's best will top today's peaks!!!  

 What would I change about myself?

The fact that I am thinking only about myself

My infinite need for things I don’t have

It would be good if I would think less about the future

Get rid of feeling guilt

Get rid of feeling degraded

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